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BoGou Cup Yearly final by TeibPlaya @ 2014-10-25 06:31:47



Livestream (chinese)


Semi final (Bo5)   Final (Bo5)   Winner

  ZDR 1
TH000 2
Yumiko 0      

  Infi  3
Infi 3
3rd Place (Bo5)    
TH000 0  
Yumiko  0  


Prizemoney Yearly Final:

  • 1st place: ~4.060 US-Dollar
  • 2nd place: ~1.620 US-Dollar
  • 3rd place: ~810 US-Dollar

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Serbian LAN tournament by TeibPlaya @ 2014-10-24 21:12:23
Start: October 25, 18:30 CET

Invited players:

rs nightelf DkH|Rudan
rs nightelf WaM|AJK
rs human WaM|AtheistP
rs orc Qlimax
rs orc Quellilo
rs orc Coolno2
rs undead tS|Aramachus
rs undead RiskMaster

Semi final (Bo3) Final (Bo5) Winner
rs Rudan 2
vs. rs Rudan 0
rsorc Quellilo 0
October 26, 20:30 CET
rs AtheistP 0
vs. rs AJK 0
rs AJK 0 .
3rd Place Image and video hosting by TinyPic
rsorc Quellilo 1
vs rs AtheistP
rs AtheistP

1st place: 80
2nd place: 50
3rd place: 20

Mappool: AZ, AI, EI, LR, TS, TR, TM
AtheistP and Rudan playing on the comp
More Photos:

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Ifeng Cup #35 Replays by TeibPlaya @ 2014-10-20 02:24:55

Ifeng Cup #35 - Replays


Quarter final   Semi final   Final   The Winner
Best of 3  


Best of 3


Best of 3
ZDR 1          
  AI - SV - TS   pk2770361 2      
 pk2770361 2          
    TS - LR   pk2770361 0  
three 0          
vs   Passion 0
Passion 2          
        TS  - TR   TH000
 Zhou_Xixi 0          
TS - AI   TH000 2      
TH000 2          
    SD - TR - TS   TH000 2  
 Soso 0          
  AI - TM
  Image and video hosting by TinyPic WFZ 1      
Image and video hosting by TinyPic WFZ 2          
        3rd Place Image and video hosting by TinyPic    
        Passion 0  
        SV - TS   Image and video hosting by TinyPic WFZ         
        Image and video hosting by TinyPic WFZ 2  


Prizemoney Ifeng Cup:

  • 1st place: ~162 US-Dollar
  • 2nd place: ~113 US-Dollar
  • 3rd place: ~65 US-Dollar
  • 4th place: ~32 US-Dollar

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Cupseries BoGou Cup comes to an End with a Grand Final by TeibPlaya @ 2014-10-16 18:56:54



The Chinese cup series called BoGou Cup has started in March which was held every week. There was additionally monthly finals, where the most successful players of the month could play for a bit higher prize money. Now the tournament series comes to an end with the yearly final!

The Grand Final consists the best and most active participants of the monthly BoGou Cups. They meet each other in a round-of-16 single-elimination Grid. Nightelf player, Stephane 'Passion' Badel, currently living in China, was the only European who managed to qualify.


Known Participants:

  • cn human Xiang 'TH000' Huang
  • cn human Xuwen 'Infi' Wang
  • cn human Jiankai 'Yumiko' Yu
  • cn orc Zhang 'ZDR' Day
  • cn nightelf Xixi 'Zhou_Xixi' Zhou
  • cn nightelf Jingyang 'EleGaNt' Ren
  • fr nightelf Stephane 'Passion' Badel
  • cn undead Fazhen 'WFZ' Wu
  • cn undead Tuo 'fantafiction' Ji



  • Saturday, October 18 | Start 7AM CET (9AM MSK) : Round of 16 - Round of 8
  • Saturday, October 25 | Start 7AM CET (9AM MSK) : (Semi-) final & 3rd place match


Prizemoney Yearly Final:

  • 1st place: ~4.060 US-Dollar
  • 2nd place: ~1.620 US-Dollar
  • 3rd place: ~810 US-Dollar


Livestream (chinese)


BoGou Weekly Cup


#1 - cn nightelf Zhou_Xixi
#2 - cn nightelf Zhou_Xixi
#3 - cn human TH000
#4 - cn human Infi
#5 - cn human Yumiko
#6 - cn nightelf Zhou_Xixi
#7 - cn human Yumiko
#9 - cn nightelf Zhou_Xixi
#10 - cn human Yumiko
#11 - cn undead Xun
#12 - cn undead WFZ
#13 - cn nightelf Zhou_Xixi
#14 - cn undead XiaoKai
#15 - cn human TH000
#16 - cn human TH000
#17 - cn orc ZDR
#18 - cn human TH000
#19 - cn nightelf Zhou_Xixi
#20 - cn human Infi
#21 - cn undead Tara521
#22 - cn human TH000
#23 - cn human Infi
#24 - cn human Infi
#25 - cn human TH000
#26 - cn human TH000
#27 - cn undead WFZ
#28 - cn nightelf EleGaNt
#29 - cn human TH000
#30 - cn nightelf EleGaNt


Most successful players:

8x cn human Xiang 'TH000' Huang
6x cn nightelf Xixi 'Zhou_Xixi' Zhou
4x cn human Xuwen 'Infi' Wang
3x cn human Jiankai 'Yumiko' Yu
2x cn undead Fazhen 'WFZ' Wu
2x cn nightelf Jingyang 'EleGaNt' Ren



  • 1st place: ~130 US-Dollar
  • 2nd place: ~81 US-Dollar
  • 3rd place: ~48 US-Dollar


BoGou Monthly Cup



cn human Xuwen 'Infi' Wang
cn human Jiankai 'Yumiko' Yu
cn undead Fazhen 'WFZ' Wu

cn undead Fazhen 'WFZ' Wu
cn human Xiang 'TH000' Huang
cn human Jiankai 'Yumiko' Yu

cn undead Fazhen 'WFZ' Wu
cn human Xuetao '4u' Gong
fr nightelf Stephane 'Passion' Badel

cn human Xiang 'TH000' Huang
cn orc Zhang 'ZDR' Day
cn human Xuwen 'Infi' Wang

cn human Xiang 'TH000' Huang
cn undead Fazhen 'WFZ' Wu
cn nightelf Xixi 'Zhou_Xixi' Zhou

cn nightelf Xixi 'Zhou_Xixi' Zhou
cn undead Tuo 'fantafiction' Ji
cn undead Fazhen 'WFZ' Wu

cn undead Fazhen 'WFZ' Wu
cn human Jiankai 'Yumiko' Yu
cn human Xuetao '4u' Gong

Most successful players:

1st: cn undead WFZ
3x , 1x , 2x
2nd: cn human TH000
2x , 1x
3rd: cn nightelf Zhou_Xixi
1x , 1x
4th: cn human Infi
1x , 1x
5th: cn human Yumiko
2x , 1x


  • 1st place: ~244 US-Dollar
  • 2nd place: ~162 US-Dollar
  • 3rd place: ~81 US-Dollar

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Interview with Nicker by TeibPlaya @ 2014-10-15 13:25:00

Back2Warcraft did an Interview live on stream with Nicker on the final day of WCA 2014. They talk about how he came to move to China, his life there, current issues within the Warcraft 3 scene, the game's future and more.

Comments (10)

WCA 2014 by TeibPlaya @ 2014-10-01 11:16:51
Group stage

Group A

  • 5:2 (7 Points) - Jiankai 'Yumiko' Yu
  • 4:3 (4 Points) - Xixi 'Zhou_Xixi' Zhou
  • 2:4 (2 Points) - Daniel 'Cechi' Cechmanek
  • 2:4 (2 Points) - Tuo 'fantafiction' Ji

Group B

  • 5:1 (7 Points) - Xuwen 'Infi' Wang
  • 4:2 (6 Points) - ru Nikita 'nicker' Pomadov
  • 3:3 (4 Points) - Zi Xiang 'Tara521' Guo
  • 0:6 (0 Points) - Long 'three' Bo

Group C

  • 6:0 (9 Points) - Xiang 'TH000' Huang
  • 4:3 (6 Points) - ru Sergei 'HawK' Shcherbakov
  • 3:4 (3 Points) - ua Ilya 'Sonik' Malysh
  • 0:6 (0 Points) - Jingyang 'EleGaNt' Ren

Group D

  • 6:0 (9 Points) - Fazhen 'WFZ' Wu
  • 3:3 (4 Points) - orc Weiliang 'Fly100%' Lu
  • 2:4 (2 Points) - orc Zhang 'ZDR' Day
  • 1:5 (1 Points) - uk Richard 'WarchiefRich' Stuttard

  • 1st place: VG.Infi - 48.760 US-Dollar
  • 2nd place: tudou.Yumiko - 24.380 US-Dollar
  • 3rd place: orc WE.Fly100% - 16.250 US-Dollar

  • 4th Place: TH000 - 1.625 US-Dollar
  • 5th-6th Place: WFZ & Zhou_Xixi - 1.625 US-Dollar
  • 7th-8th Place: ru HawK & ru nicker - 1.625 US-Dollar
eu The european Warcraft 3 Team

RemoDemo & Neo (the casters), Cechi, Playa (euro manager), WarchiefRich, HawK, Sonik & Nicker
Interview with uk WarchiefRich

Rich talks about why he lost his matches in group stage, why he loves pitlord so much,
why hes so popular among the chinese girls etc.
For more interesting infos about him, watch the full interview !

Comments (27)

Interview with the operational director of WCA by TeibPlaya @ 2014-10-01 03:31:06
Overall there are three events claiming to be the successors of the World Cyber Games. The World Cyber Arena is the one taking place this week. We sat down with Operational Director John Liu, who was able to give some insight

Q: Why don't you introduce yourself?

John Liu: Hey Guys, I'm John Liu from WCA and I am the Operational Director for the WCA.

What is your main Job here at the tournament?

Well, I organise the people and the operational side of things. Getting the legal documents down and helping to get the casters and players here, basically everything except stuff like construction.

What is the whole idea behind the WCA? It made a pretty big impact in Europe when you announced it.

John Liu
Wow, that actually flatters me. From our slogan you can tell that it is all about a dreamland for the players, all of the production crew is from GTV and EG, a gaming investment company. Right now the esports scene is just crazy, we want to get on this ride and create more opportunities for the players. We also want to make it a little bit more accessible for the people, because in China it is still not really accepted as a real thing or esports, and this is where we want to help out.

Are you planning to have this event on an annual basis? Do you already have plans for next year?

Yes, we do have the plans for it. But the deal is not for sure yet, right now this is the first event and that is also why it is an invitational. For the second one there would be pre-qualifiers everywhere: Europe, America and South America. The game director in South America actually contacted us to participate but due to the time issues we had quite some problems so it didn't work out. We also tried to get some African teams too, and they were almost here but then some unfortunate events happened to one of the players within the family so they couldn't make it.

In Europe there have been some frequently asked questions about the game line up. You do have Hearthstone, WC3 and Dota 2 for example, but you're missing two big games: StarCraft II and CS:GO. Why did you not include them, what happened?

Ok, let me talk about CS:GO first. It was actually our very first choice of FPS game, but we had the problem that we are not allowed to show too much blood on Chinese TV. This event will not only be broadcast on the internet, but also to the whole of China on TV. We couldnt get the approval and so we needed a different choice, which was Crossfire. I played it myself and it is actually quite decent. It was a tough choice but we had to make it.

And what about StarCraft II?

It was pretty much the same situation: We wanted to choose StarCraft II because it is the communitys favourite. However, for China, Warcraft 3 is such a big game with a big impact. It was our first real esports game; the biggest Chinese esports stars played WC3. This is the biggest Chinese event so far so we wanted to bring back this amazing game and show the gratefulness for this game. We think we made the right choice, the responses were fantastic.

The event itself is in Yinchuan, what led you to this decision?

Well, first of all it is a beautiful city, which is also not that polluted and not so humid too. Transport is also much easier. Also the local players sometimes complain that we are so far away, so why not Yinchuan? Its a great choice because it is close to everything. Also the hotels and buildings are just beautiful. Another major reason is that EG, the other producing company is located here. So it seemed pretty reasonable to choose Yinchuan.

It was very surprising to see two mobile game titles with such a high prize pool. We havent seen much of them and we know next to nothing about them.

Legend of Dota is a game in the art style of Dota 2 and it is turn based, but not entirely. It still is an RTS. You choose five heroes on your side and you need to decide when you use the skills against the opponent. In the end you try to get the upper hand of course, but it all comes down to your choice of heroes. It is really like World of Warcraft Arena, so you have a tank, a healer and so on.

But why the choice of mobile games?

Well, it's not really mobile games, that is something slightly different. This is more like Indie games because it is developing so fast. We didn't have any event so far about these games although big companies like Microsoft and Steam value and support them so much, so we want to support it as well. Mobile games don't take that many people to develop, they have high access and of course, you can make a lot of money with them. It is actually possible to try it out at the venue if you like!

Hearthstone is packed with all the big names, but all invite only. Also when you released the news for the groups, everyone talked about the group of death. Why were there no qualifiers and raffles?

WCA just started two months ago, so we were really short on time. For this reason an invitational was the only real choice for this event. About the grouping: It is actually raffled and we have also had a video from this online. I got a lot of questions about this as well, but everyone was in one pot and got raffled into the groups.

Now that there are only two days left before the start, are you happy with everything, how have things been so far?

Well, for the players management part it was alright. I really hope we get a little bit more time for the group construction so everything is well prepared. One thing was unfortunate because we had planned the event with a way bigger stadium in mind. But we had to manage some space for a food festival, which is part of this event. The good part is that the players can also be a part of this.

Do you have any idea how many people will come to see the event?

So far we already sold around 6,000 tickets and there are more people who want to buy some. But we have a limit and we are sold out.

How many viewers do you expect when it comes to Chinese television and streaming?

It's hard to say because we are split between streaming and broadcasting on TV. There are two national TV stations that will stream, so we estimate around 15 Million viewers for the TV. We have done a lot of promotion on a professional level. We also got the advertisement on the number one Chinese TV station, which is unique, it never happened before!

What are you looking forward to the most?

Well, almost everything, because for Hearthstone there was a huge expansion, World of Tanks there was a huge patch, and of course Dota 2 as well! A lot of teams also shuffled their line up so I'm very eager to find out how they will perform!

Any last words?

Please watch WCA, this is the Dreamland for players so go and check it out!

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