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WEC 2014 - Replays ! by TeibPlaya @ 2014-09-15 02:43:57
World eSports Championship 2014 in Hangzhou, China

 Playday 1
Upper Bracket - Round 1
rune nicker vs Infi hu
G1 - G2 - G3
ruorc Cash vs Fly100% orc
G1 - G2 - G3
ruhu HawK vs TH000 ne
G1 - G2 - G3
krhu ReprisaL vs Yumiko hu
G1 - G2 - G3
Upper Bracket - Semi final
hu Infi vs Fly100% orc
G1 - G2
ruhu HawK vs ReprisaL hukr
G1 - G2 - G3
Playday 2
Upper Bracket - Final
hu Infi vs HawK huru
G1 - G2 - G3
Lower Bracket - Round 1
rune nicker vs Cash orcru
G1 - G2
hu TH000 vs Yumiko hu
G1 - G2
Lower Bracket - Semi final
rune nicker vs ReprisaL hukr
G1 - G2 - G3
hu Yumiko vs Fly100% orc
G1 - G2 - G3
Lower Bracket - Final
hu Yumiko vs ReprisaL hukr
G1 - G2 - G3
Cons. - Final
ruhu HawK vs ReprisaL hukr
G1 - G2 - G3

 Playday 3
Grand Final
hu Infi vs ReprisaL hukr
G1 - G2

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Interview with Cechi by TeibPlaya @ 2014-09-10 21:06:20
Interview with Daniel 'Cechi' Cechmanek, one of the best Undead players of the last years, who is contestant at the upcoming mega event World Cyber Arena 2014.
Q: Hello Cechi, thank you for taking your time.
At first, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Cechi: Hello, i'm 19 years old and I'm attending the last year of high school.
I've been playing wc3 since 2008.
Q: You've qualified together with HawK, Sonik and WarchiefRich for the WCAwhich will be held in Yinchuan (China), the most lucrative wc3 tournament ever. What does it mean for you to be a participant at such an enormous event? What are you looking forward to the most ?
Cechi:Of course, it means a lot to me. I always wanted to go to some offline event,
but I never thought it would be in China, it's just awesome.
I don't know what I'm looking forward to the most, I hope we will have some time to look around the city and so on.
Q:Let's take a look back at your Warcraft III carreer. You've won theZOTAC Cupthree times,and you managed to win against extremly strong players like Moon and WFZ atWEL 2013.
You even won a game against Lyn.
Do you think you can replicate some of your best past performance during WCA? How do you practise for this tournament?
Cechi: Hmmm...I doubt it. I think my opponents in WEL probably underestimated me ^_^.
I'd be happy if I could get into the top 8 but it will be very difficult. The Chinese players will be more prepared than any European. I will watch a lot of replays andI will ask few players to practise with me, but it's really hard to find an opponent in Europe who is close to Chinese level and isn't going to WCA. Actually I can think of 1 player for each race I'd practise with.
WEL 2013 - Ro16 bracket
Q: What are the chances for the European players to win against the Chinese ones?
Do u think they can achieve some great result, asHawK didat WEC 2014 ?
Cechi: No I don't think so. I think HawK can make it into the top 8.
I think the top 3 will be composed by the 3 imba Chinese humans: 000 Infi Yumi
Q: Why only HawK can make it into the top 8 in your opinion?
Cechi: Because HawK seemed to be very strong at WEC
and he always showed decent performance in tournaments where Chinese players were present.
Q:You mentioned several times in the past that Undead is the weakest race. why do you think that?
Cechi: I think the map means a lot for the undeads... Maybe UD isn't the weakest racebut the easiest to predict, so your opponent will counter you. Some people would say ORC>UD, but nowadays HU can play so many tactics...You can play AM MK or even PALA and you can choose your way to counter the UD army...Whenever your start is bad, you just start turtling and go for lame. If you are doing well in the beginning and you tech with few towers then you can beat the t2 push easily. Maybe you can lose to fast dessis because you haven't got enough towers. Another tactic would be playing MK with t1 exp and try to reach level 5 as fast as you can. It's the same for BM like we saw it from Yumiko time to time. There are just too many tactics that HU can play imo ;)
Q: If i remember correctly u had an account on w3arena which was named "whydidichooseud"
so tell us why did u choose Undead as your main race ?
Cechi: I only played RT for like a year and thought UD is imba...
So when I started to play solo I was picking UD because I was used to it from RT ;)
50:0 Solo stats on W3arena with 'twofan'
Q: As we know, you are being inactive lately and playing some Dota 2. Since theWarcraft 3 scene is getting more and more activeand offers nice tournaments with great prize, don't you think about a comeback ?
Cechi: I dont think I'll continue playing Warcraft after WCA is over.
I believe wc3 is the best game I've ever played, but I wanna try my best in another, non dead game.
I always liked Zcup and WEL cause there were the best players so the result meant a lot to me
but those tours are gone.
Q: Okay, Let's bring the interview to an end with a series of short questions and answers.
Favorite player?
Cechi: TeD ^^
Q: Favorite Hero?
Cechi: Blademaster if I play him
Q: Favorite Unit ?
Cechi: Fiend
Q: Favorite matchup?
Cechi: UD vs. UD
Q: Best player of all time?
Cechi: I don't know much about the old scene, but I would say TH000
Q: Alright, thanks for the interview and good luck atWCA 2014.

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Infi wins the World eSports Championship 2014 ! by TeibPlaya @ 2014-09-05 15:54:24


Upper Bracket
Lower Bracket


Warcraft 3 Prize pool:

  • 1st Place: ~$13,000
  • 2nd Place: ~$8,000
  • 3rd Place: ~$5,000
  • 4th Place: ~$1,600
  • 5th-8th Place: ~$800
HawK in strong shape: 3rd place & $5,000 for winning against TH000 & ReprisaL !
As a little foretaste for the upcoming replays, which will be released soon
nicker vs Infi
Infi vs HawK

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G-League 2014 with Warcraft 3 ! by TeibPlaya @ 2014-09-02 01:16:15
The titles Dota 2, LoL, SC2, WC3, which will be held at the G-League 2014, were determined by a public online vote. The RTS classic Warcraft 3 even got here the most votes after Dota 2.
Currently not much is known about the course of the tournament,but so far the G-League often inspired with innovative Mappool and tournament system, also the finalists meet each other at the Grand Final in a large stadium. Unfortunately, as usual for this event, there won't be European qualification.

  • 1. 1st place: ~8.100 US-Dollar
  • 2. 2nd place: ~3.240 US-Dollar
  • 3. 3rd/4th Place: ~1.620 US-Dollar
The last season with Warcraft 3 was held in 2012. Here in the grand final the Korean Orc-legend June 'Lyn' Park convincingly won with Result of 3:0 against Weiliang 'Fly100%' Lu
The finalists of the G-League 2012 Season 2

Previous winners:

(from 2011)

G-League 2012 - Season 2

1st place: kr orc DK.Lyn
2nd place: cn orc SteelSeries.Fly100%
3rd/4th place: cn undead WE.TeD
3rd/4th place: cn human Dhc.Yumiko

G-League 2012 - Season 1

1st place: cn human Dhc.TH000
2nd place: kr orc DK.Lyn
3rd/4th place: cn human WE.Sky
3rd/4th place: cn human Dhc.Yumiko

G-League 2011 - Season 3

1st place: cn human TyLoo.Infi
2nd place: ru nightelf PanDa.Nicker
3rd/4th place: cn undead WE.GIGABYTE.TeD
3rd/4th place: cn human WE.GIGABYTE.JN

G-League 2011 - Season 2

1st place: cn human TyLoo.Infi
2nd place: kr nightelf EHOME.ReMinD
3rd/4th place: cn human TyLoo.TH000
3rd/4th place: cn human WE.GIGABYTE.JN

G-League 2011 - Season 1

1st place: cn human TyLoo.TH000
2nd place: cn human WE.GIGABYTE.JN
3rd place: kr nightelf EH.GIGABYTE.ReMinD
4th place: cn human CCm.Yumiko

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Bug fix by [CUBORG] @ 2014-08-30 23:47:12
Hi Replayers,
The migration to the new server was not easy because the site had a very old code that has been updated to adapt to the new system.The old replays can be downloaded without any problem, but there were some problems with the new ones. So, to fix the bug, all the newly uploaded replays have been removed. Please reupload your games, it should be working now. Let me know if any other bug occurs.
Thank you.

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WCA 2014 - The most lucrative WC3-tournament ever by TeibPlaya @ 2014-08-27 01:41:20

Recently, the 3.2 million dollar event World Cyber ​​Arena 2014 has been announced, to be held as an unofficial successor to the World Cyber ​​Games from October 2 to 5 in Yinchuan, China. For WC3 it is with almost $ 100,000 in prize money the most lucrative tournament ever!

In the group stage, a total of 16 players are divided into four groups. Here they play in best-of-one against each other. The top two of each group will advance to the playoffs, which will be held in a Round of 8 double-elimination grid.
The main criterion for the invitations was the performance of the last one to two years. Unfortunately the WCA admins decided to not invite any korean player due to lack of interest and inactivity of the korean WC3-scene...BUT nostalgia is likely to arise especially in one match: There will be additionally a show match, where "the king of the Orcs" Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkuizen competes with Human-legend Xiaofeng 'Sky' Li.
During the actual tournament Sky will be only a caster in the chinese stream. Together with Zhuo 'TeD' Zeng, the human player will comment the games. For all other WC3-fans, who don't understand chinese, Neo and RemoDemo from Back2Warcraft will stream and cast the matches in english live from Yinchuan, China.

WCA 2014 participants:
  • TH000 (invited)
  • Infi (invited)
  • Yumiko (invited)
  • Fly100% (invited)
  • ZDR (qualified CN qualy)
  • Zhou_Xixi (invited)
  • EleGaNt (invited)
  • three (invited as local player)
  • WFZ (invited)
  • 120 (qualified CN qualy)
  • Fantafiction (qualified CN qualy)
  • HawK (won deciding match vs Spiral)
  • nicker (invited)
  • Sonik (won deciding match vs Cash)
  • WarchiefRich (won deciding match vs yAwS)
  • Cechi (won deciding match vs XeLSinG)



  • 1. 1st place: ~ $48,760
  • 2. 2nd place: ~ $24,380
  • 3. 3rd place: ~ $16,250
  • 4th-8th place: ~ $1,625


Mappool: AI, AZ, CK, DR, EI, LR, NI, TR, TM
source: WCA official page

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We are back online! by DeathWing @ 2014-08-24 21:33:32
Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to tell you that we are back online thanks to Pad from W3Arena. After several weeks of downtime because of DDoS attacks, the website has been transferred to a DDoS protected server. This way, the attacks will have far less effect. The website will also remain under maintenance by Pad as well.

PS. Downloading of replays will not work YET, it will work from around somewhere TOMMOROW (Monday) Pad still has to transfer the old replays to the new server. Please test if new replays can be uploaded.

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