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WCA 2014 - The most lucrative WC3-tournament ever by TeibPlaya @ 2014-08-27 01:41:20

Recently, the 3.2 million dollar event World Cyber ​​Arena 2014 has been announced, to be held as an unofficial successor to the World Cyber ​​Games from October 2 to 5 in Yinchuan, China. For WC3 it is with almost $ 100,000 in prize money the most lucrative tournament ever !

In the group stage, a total of 16 players are divided into four groups. Here they play in best-of-one against each other. The top two of each group will advance to the playoffs, which will be held in a Round of 8 double-elimination grid.
The main criterion for the invitations was the performance of the last one to two years. Unfortunately the WCA admins decided to not invite any korean player due to lack of interest and inactivity of the korean WC3-scene...BUT nostalgia is likely to arise especially in one match: There will be additionally a show match, where "the king of the Orcs" Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkuizen competes with Human-legend Xiaofeng 'Sky' Li.
During the actual tournament Sky will be only a caster in the chinese stream. Together with Zhuo 'TeD' Zeng, the human player will comment the games. For all other WC3-fans, who don't understand chinese, Neo and RemoDemo from Back2Warcraft will stream and cast the matches in english live from Yinchuan, China.

WCA 2014 participants:
  • TH000 (invited)
  • Infi (invited)
  • Yumiko (invited)
  • Fly100% (invited)
  • ZDR (qualified CN qualy)
  • Zhou_Xixi (invited)
  • EleGaNt (invited)
  • three (invited as local player)
  • WFZ (invited)
  • 120 (qualified CN qualy)
  • Fantafiction (qualified CN qualy)
  • HawK (won deciding match against Spiral)
  • nicker (invited)
  • Sonik (won deciding match against Cash)
  • WarchiefRich (won deciding match against yAwS)
  • Cechi (won deciding match against XeLSinG)



  • 1. 1st place: ~ $48,760
  • 2. 2nd place: ~ $24,380
  • 3. 3rd place: ~ $16,250
  • 4th-8th place: ~ $1,625


Mappool: AI, AZ, CK, DR, EI, LR, NI, TR, TM
source: WCA official page

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We are back online! by DeathWing @ 2014-08-24 21:33:32
Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to tell you that we are back online thanks to Pad from W3Arena. After several weeks of downtime because of DDoS attacks, the website has been transferred to a DDoS protected server. This way, the attacks will have far less effect. The website will also remain under maintenance by Pad as well.

PS. Downloading of replays will not work YET, it will work from around somewhere TOMMOROW (Monday) Pad still has to transfer the old replays to the new server. Please test if new replays can be uploaded.

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ZODIAC Cup #10 by TeibPlaya @ 2014-07-18 09:53:40
ZODIAC Cup #10
1. $100
2. $50

Start: 19.07, 15:00 CET

[ Livestream ] - [ Info ] - [ Participants ]

Number of games per match:

Round Of 128 - Round Of 16 -> Best-Of-1

Quarter-Final -> Best-Of-3

Semi-Final -> Best-Of-3
Final -> Best-Of-5

Mappool: AZ, EI, SV, MV, TS, TR, TM

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WEC 2014 Europe Qualifier - Replays are here ! by TeibPlaya @ 2014-07-10 10:48:14

Europe Qualifier eu

Upper Bracket - Round 1
czud Cechi vs HawK huru
dehu yAwS vs Rudan ners
ruorc Cash vs Spiral nede
uane Sonik vs WarchiefRich ne
Lower Bracket - Round 1
czud Cechi vs yAwS hude
dene Spiral vs Sonik neua
Upper Bracket - Semi final
ruhu HawK vs Rudan ners
ruorc Cash vs WarchiefRich ne
Lower Bracket - Round 2
ne WarchiefRich vs Cechi udcz
rsne Rudan vs Sonik neua
Lower Bracket - Semi final
ne WarchiefRich vs Sonik neua
G1 G2 G3
Upper Bracket - Final
ruhu HawK vs Cash orcru
G1 G2
Lower Bracket - Final
ruorc Cash vs WarchiefRich ne
G1 G2

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First ZODIAC 2v2 Cup with $200 prize by TeibPlaya @ 2014-07-10 07:59:31
Fit4Gaming announces a new monthly 2v2 cup !
Prize of ZODIAC 2v2 Cup #1:
1. $200

Mappool: CG, GS, GW, LT, TM, TR, PG

Number of games per match:
Round Of 64 - Round Of 16 -> Best-Of-1
Quarter-Final -> Best-Of-3
Semi-Final -> Best-Of-3
Final -> Best-Of-5

Bo1: Veto (A-B-A-B-A-B)
Bo3: Veto (A-B-A-B) - A picks 1st map, B 2nd map - 3rd map remains
Bo5: Veto (A-B) - A picks 1st & 3rd map, B 2nd & 4th map - 5th map remains

Want to play the ZODIAC 2v2 Cup ?
Register on -> Create a team (click) -> Your ally has to join your team (click) -> Sign up for the cup -> Don't forget to check-in !

ZODIAC Cups will be held every saturday 15:00 CET
exception: every 4th saturday theres a break/pause.

In that order the cups will be held:
ZODIAC Cup (150$) -> ZODIAC 2v2 Cup (100$) -> ZODIAC Cup (150$) -> Break

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WEC 2014 european qualifier by TeibPlaya @ 2014-07-07 13:25:30

European qualifier ranking: 

  • 1st place: ru hu Sergey 'HawK' Sherbakov (QUALIFIED)
  • 2nd place: ru orc Artem 'Cash' Schirobokov (QUALIFIED)
  • 3rd place: ne Richard 'WarchiefRich' Stuttard
  • 4th place: ua ne Ilya 'Sonik' Malysh
  • 5th/6th place: rs ne Nemanja 'Rudan' Rudan
  • 5th/6th place: cz ud Daniel 'Cechi' Cechmanek
  • 7th/8th place: de hu Marc 'yAwS' Foerster
  • 7th/8th place: de ne Tobias 'Spiral' Braun


Players of the advanced Korea qualifier:

  • kr hu Jong Seok 'ReprisaL' Lee
  • kr hu Seung Hak 'Agatha' Han
  • hu Jun-You 'feRfe' Wu
  • kr orc Myong Rang 'eMaL' Shin
  • kr ne Yu Jeon 'LawLiet' Jo
  • ru ne Nikita 'nicker' Pomadov
  • fr ne Stephane 'Passion' Badel
  • kr ud Jae Wook 'Lucifer' Noh



Qualifier Dates:

  • eu Europe Qualifer: July 4th-6th
  • kr Korea Qualifier: July 11-13th
  • 1st China Qualifier: July 18th-20th
  • 2nd China Qualifier: July 25th-27th



All replays of WEC european qualifier will be uploaded on 10th July !


Stay tuned for more infos!

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ZODIAC Cup #9 by TeibPlaya @ 2014-07-04 14:39:49
1. $100
2. $50

Start: 05.07, 14:30 CET

[ Livestream ] - [ Info ] - [ Grid ] - [ Replays ]

Known Participants of ZODIAC Cup #9:
  • cn G4|Yumiko
  • cn Dhc|Xun
  • kr A.1st|eMaL
  • kr Lof|agatha
  • ru F4G|HawK
  • ru F4G|Cash
  • uk DkH|WarchiefRich
  • DkH|Rudan
  • se DkH|Starshaped
  • by DkH|Orcworker
  • by WaM|XeLSinG
  • ua F4G|PraDo
  • ua Sonik
  • de DkH|Sub
  • de OwNu|WaN
  • fi OwNu|Sniq
  • fr Fs|KurCo

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